Stance through Acceptance

A critical essay on contemporary, young Italian architecture practices, by the invitation of the guest editors Matteo Ghidoni, Enrico Molteni and Vittorio Pizzigoni for the 185th issue 'eighteen italian stories' of AREA architecture magazine.

With essays by:
Vittorio Pizzigoni, Enrico Molteni, Matteo Ghidoni, Moisés Puente, Aslı Çiçek

Projects by:
N43 / Studio Onsidiana/Alissandro Bava / (abiNormal / Armature Globale / Vitai Studio / Parasite 2.0

"To be an architect during our times is like trying to walk through storm: the dramatic changes of climate, the exhaustion of natural resources, the energy problems, frequently occurring financial crisis, migrations caused by wars and economic injustice, the increasing urbanization of the world and last but not least, the mind-blowing development of digital technologies which offer various advantages but also confront us constantly with all the problems of our environment. Architecture is obviously not the only profession effected by these conditions, yet its direct relation to society as well as its dependance on materials and economy make it impossible not to deal with them. In this context every architectural practice needs an umbrella to move through the heavy, persistent rain. Eighteen projects by young architectural practices from Italy, selected by three established architects and educators is shown in this publication, paint an image of similar umbrellas used. However specific each approach of every practice may be, certain common interests can be discovered in the projects."