Essay on the works of Brussels based architecture practice Vers.A

ISBN: 9782960250107

"... Vers.A’s passion for architecture lies in their care for those aspects they consider to be the most important in architecture. The thorough study of context, form, structure and materiality results in a coherent whole, to which they introduce a clever twist to at least of one of these elements. The buildings do not stand out; nor do they disappear. The position of the practice is not tied to statements or being an underdog. The fact that these observations are not mentioned does not imply indifference or disinterest on the part of the practice. On the contrary, it is precisely their withdrawal from every fashionable, loud or pretentious position that affords Vers.A a rare space to work on architecture. Their rational approach results in spaces that are quickly appropriated by their eager users. An active concern with the basics of the profession delights Becker and Van Praet and gives direction to their projects. In this regard silence in attitude is perhaps the most distinctive, unifying quality in Vers.A’s projects. Their work is steadily evolving towards an architectural maturity that results in spaces that give the impression they have been always there."

with texts by Aslı Çiçek, Harold Fallon, Celine Vandernoot