4th Istanbul Design Biennial
A School of Schools

Istanbul, several art spaces, IKSV

21/09/2018 - 04/11/2018

A School of Schools
4th Istanbul Design Biennial

Exhibition architecture for six different venues in the centre of Istanbul. Spatial configurations made with displays designed by using III+1 system of Lukas Wegwerth, showing works on social design by nearly 200 international participants.

Client: IKSV - Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts
Location: Aksanat, Yapı Kredi Museum, Arter, Pera Museum, Salt Galata, Studio X
Curators: Jan Boelen with Nadine Botha and Vera Sachetti
Production coordinator: Merve Yücel
Graphic design: Off Shore
Assistant: Stéphanie Wittner-Franckx
Photography: Kayhan Kaygusuz