Recaptioning Congo

Antwerp, FOMU

15.09.2022 - 15.01.2023

Recaptioning Congo
The exhibition presents images from Congo’s long and turbulent history as a colonised country, spanning nearly hundred years from its formal establishment in 1882 to independence in 1960.

The exhibition design is inspired by the incredibly beautiful infographics produced by the American sociologist and civil right activist W.E.B Dubois (1868-1963). With his infographics, Dubois sought a way to process all the information showing why the African disapora in America was being held back in a tangible, contextualised form. Some colours from Dubois' infographics were borrowed to soak the existing vitrines of FoMu, which are installed in lines of different length to organise and connect the large exhibition hall. Since the exhibition only shows flat material large prints on textile were added, floating like veils and structuring the interior with visual layers.

Client: Foto Museum Antwerp
Location: FOMU Antwerpen/ BE
Curator: Sandrine Collard- De Bock
FOMU project team: Rein Deslé, Pamela Peters
Execution: FOMU, led by Jan Sibbens
Lighting: Chris Pype licht
Graphic design: La Villa Hermosa
Photography: We Document Art
Assistant: Maxime Descheemaecker
Intern: Rafael Pamplona