Al Nouri Mosque Complex
with PRODUCTORA & Restaura arquitectos

Mosul, International competition organised by UNESCO

The competition design proposes a strong and unassuming complex that is rich in spatial & atmospheric experiences. It is above all conceived as an open and quiet space within the city of Mosul: a meaningful collective place in which public & community life can develop.

The proposal aims to generate architectural improvements within the wall of the complex, but also achieve that the complex had a positive impact on its immediate environment. Therefore, the Al Nouri Mosque gains a presence in the streetscape and the exterior perimeter is pushed back in several occasion to make place for small urban plazas and entrance areas.

The project is awarded 4th prize in the open international competition organised by UNESCO. The competition was part of a larger effort aiming to restore the urban, social and cultural fabric of the Old City of Mosul following its tragic destruction at the hands of ISIS in between 2014 and 2017.

Location: Mosul / IR
Team led by: PRODUCTORA
Architects: PRODUCTORA (MEX/USA) + Aslı Çiçek
Restoration: Restaura arquitectura, Andrea Monroy, Diana Fonseca (MEX)
Collaborators: Sofia Valdovinos, Ruy Berumen, Ana Reed, Erik Castaneda, Yael Saadia, Diego Velazquez, Pablo Manjarrez, Fidel Fernandez
Visuals, model: PRODUCTORA