A School of Schools in Belgium

Genk / BE, Z33 & C-Mine

28.06 - 29.09.2019

After being displayed in Istanbul and Arles, the third and last stop of A School of Schools is C-Mine Genk / B. The exhibition brings the work of various participants from social design, architecture and fine arts to the view, with the focus on design as learning.

The exhibition architecture is related to the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial’s scenography which was made with adaptations of 3+1 structures of Lukas Wegwerth. In C-mine, A School of Schools is presented in a new form and scenography. The configurations with the displays are adapted into the characteristic architecture of the Energy Building of former coal mines. 3+1 structures are customised by Aslı Çiçek by painting the particle boards of table tops with the colour of the graphic communication of A School of Schools, which was designed by Off Shore Studio (CH). The bright purple colour enables the displays to be spotted easily in the vast spaces of the Energy Building housing old machines which served the mining activities. Spatial installations by several participants are placed in dialogue with the architecture of the building.

Part of Çiçek's ongoing research 'Notes on Miniature' is also displayed in the exhibition, among 90 participants from different countries.

Client: Z33 & C-Mine
Location: Energy Building, C-Mine Genk / BE
Curators: Jan Boelen with Nadine Botha and Vera Sachetti
Production coordinator: Merve Yücel, Geert Driessen
Execution: Production team of C-Mine & Z33
Graphic design: Off Shore
Co- production of: Luma Art Foundation (FR), IKSV (TR) & Z33 (BE)
Assistant: Olivia De Bree
Photography: © Selma Gürbüz

More information: Z33