Netwerk Aalst
Furniture entrance area

Aalst, Netwerk Aalst

In 2023 Aslı Çiçek was invited by NW, Netwerk Aalst, an open house for contemporary art and film, to design furniture for the reception, book shop, café and workshops. The studio proposed a family of furniture that is flexible. The main inspiration derives from the bouqinistes, the riverside booksellers in Paris. Instead of a bookshop with fixed bookshelves, the design offers book boxes on wheels, easy to close. Due to the mesh lids of the boxes the books remain on display also after the 'opening hours' of the shop. The typology is followed by the reception desk that offers working space for the welcoming staff of NW and can be fully closed when needed. Daily information can be shown on a mobile announcement board that joins the family of elements. In the café, simple tables for guests and mobile, large tables for workshops complete the furnishing of the ground floor.

Client: NW (Netwerk Aalst)
Location: Houtkaai 15, 9300 Aalst Belgium
Execution: Chloroform
Project assistant: Maxime Descheemaecker
Photography: Francesca Desantis, NW

Renovation of NW: ECTV architecten