Bruegel's Eye- Reconstructing the Landscape


Opening, exhibition Dilbeek, Brussels/ BE

07.04 - 31.10.2019
Sint Anna Pede chapel, Dilbeek, Brussels

Exhibition architecture displaying the three main themes of the open-air exhibition with 15 installations by contemporary artists, architects and designers. They will mark a route through the landscape that inspired Bruegel. They will create pavilions, structures, plantations, landscape figures, a story, and installations. They will create something at their spot, and play with the space. They will often create new, unexpected environments.

Installations by: Guillaume Bijl / Josse De Pauw / Erik Dhont / Filip Dujardin / Futurefarmers / Gijs Van Vaerenbergh / Landinzicht / OFFICE KGDVS & Bas Princen / Rotor / Georges Rousse / Bas Smets / Koen van den Broek / Lois Weinberger

Curator: Stefan Devoldere

More info: De Blik van Bruegel- Reconstructie van het Landschap | Bruegel's Eye - Reconstructing the Landscape