S AM - BMA Scenography Competition 1st Prize



Invited competition for the scenography of Soft Power: The Brussels Way of Making the City in Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel / CH

The exhibition at the Swiss Architecture Museum (S AM) is dedicated to the last ten years of architecture competitions in Brussels, organised by bouwmeester maitre architecte (BMA). The content will focus on the quality and research that has been and is being carried out in the Brussels urban planning debate. Therefore, the exhibition represents an important moment to convey many projects and the functioning competition system in Belgium with a focus on its capital.

Aslı Çiçek's design uses a diverse range of exhibition resources to present BMA's ‘Soft Power’. The proposal employs elements such as an installation featuring 500 BMA-assisted projects, sound environments and storytelling, with a subtle integration of a Brussels touch through furniture, sounds and photography. There is a balanced use of exhibition resources, ensuring a smooth track and making it a realistic proposal. (Extract from the factsheet of BMA)

The exhibition will be opened on 18 October 2024.
Curators: Roxane Legrelle & Andreas Kofler