Maison Hannon grand opening


Permanent scenography for art- nouveau museum in Brussels / BE.

Our project for museum's scenography of Maison Hannon in Brussels is festively inaugurated on 30 May 2023. Our design for the museum was the winner of the invited competition in the summer of 2021.

Hannon house at the intersection of Brugmann Avenue and Verbindingslaan(Saint-Gilles), Brussels is reborn as a "house museum" under the name Maison Hannon. This new art nouveau architecture and museum centre will enhance the neighbourhood's and Brussels' cultural and tourist offer, in collaboration with the Horta Museum.

Every year, Maison Hannon will organise a temporary exhibition in line with its DNA: art in Belgium and France; symbolism. The intention is to offer visitors interdisciplinary exhibitions on art and history, focusing on the period around 1900. Academic research will be linked to each exhibition.

For the opening, Maison Hannon will unveil a striking temporary exhibition on the first floor, from 1 June 2023 to 5 June 2024,Belgian art nouveau. Van de Velde, Serrurier-Bovy, Hankar...&Co.